ELECTRIC DOG FENCING An invisible dog fence is far less expensive than traditional fences and can be installed to cover any part of the yard you choose regardless of greenery or lay of the land. Professionally installed traditional fencing can also be especially when HOAs get involved. It also works to keep your pet in the yard regardless of whether it's a Chihuahua or Great Dane.


Since the invisible fence is invisible there are no obstructions blocking your view of the world or the world being able to enjoy the view of you property. It also aleviates the nuisance of having to open and close gates in order to move around your property. An unrestrained dog in your visiably unfenced yard will also act as a deterent to individuals accessing your property.


Flags are used to outline the boundaries of the electric fence until the dog learns what his limits are, then the flags will be removed. There is a learning curve for the dog and it varies with the personality of each individual animal, however, learn they will. Considering the safety and wellbeing of your dog being at stake, I think our slogon makes more sense thant ever. In this case, Good fences don’t just “make good neighbors,” they make happy neighbors too.


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